Onsite Tours

General Information


  • One ticket per guest is required. For example, a group with 25 youth and 5 leaders would need to reserve 30 tickets.

  • Please arrive at your scheduled arrival time. We may not be able to guarantee your reservation if your group arrives late.

  • Please park in the lot across from the main entrance (900 E & N Temple View Dr.). You will then cross the street and check in at the north pedestrian security booth.

  • The tour is approximately 75 minutes in length and will include a returned-missionary guide showing different locations on the MTC campus while discussing a missionary's MTC experience. The in-person tour route is just over a mile long.

  • Bags/purses are not allowed except for those requiring one for a medical reason or for a young child.

  • Please do not arrange meetings with missionaries. We appreciate your adherence to the rules and your respect for the sacred nature of the Missionary Training Center.

  • Please check the weather ahead of time and dress appropriately. The MTC is unable to provide umbrellas for all tour guests so you may choose to bring some for your group in case of rain.

There are two different onsite tours currently offered. Please select the one that fits your group.

Youth Groups

Youth group tours are intended to be scheduled by stake or ward leaders as a weekday youth activity for prospective missionaries and their leaders. Larger Church units may choose to bring just older youth but all youth group ages (11-18) are welcome. This tour builds off of the four areas of personal development found in the Youth Guidebook.


Family/Public tours are available for non-youth groups. Two tours are available - one designed for families with young children and another one for everyone ages 8 and older. These tours are designed to give guests the opportunity to experience what it is like to be a missionary at the Provo Missionary Training Center with a special emphasis on the youth and prospective missionaries.

Frequently Asked Questions

How early do I need to arrive for my tour?

    • Please arrive a few minutes before your scheduled tour.

    • Because of limited number of tour guides and tour spots, we cannot guarantee your reservation if your group arrives late.

How many tour spots are available? What if there aren't any available spots?

    • As an operating training facility, the Provo Missionary Training Center has limited capacity for tours. The number of reservations are allocated according to this capacity so every attendee is required to have a ticket.

    • Typically there are 30 tickets per time slot.

    • Cancellations may occur; please continue to check the website for availability or add yourself to the waitlist to be notified of openings.

    • It may be necessary to divide a larger group into several smaller groups with groups attending on different weeks.

If I can't make the date and time on my ticket, is it okay to come at another time?

  • If you are unable to participate at your scheduled date and time, please cancel your current reservation and make a reservation for another time. To cancel an existing reservation, please click on the 'Change/Cancel Appointment' button found on the initial confirmation email or call 801-422-6971.

Do I need to bring my ticket?

  • Whoever reserved the tickets may be asked to show them during check-in, so you should plan on having them accessible.

How much walking should I expect on the tour?

    • The tour route is approximately 1 mile in length and includes multiple sets of stairs (elevators are available for those who need accommodation).

    • You are encouraged to wear a comfortable set of shoes.

What is the dress code?

  • Modest dress is required. Sunday dress is encouraged.

Are bags allowed?

  • Please do not bring any kind of backpack, handbag, or purse. Bags for medical reasons or for young children are permitted.

Are young children allowed to attend?

    • Children are allowed on the Family/Public tour but not the Youth Group tour. Please be aware the onsite MTC tour is just over one mile in length and includes multiple sets of stairs (elevator access is available for those requiring accommodation).

    • Strollers are also permitted.

Will wheelchairs be available?

    • MTC tour visitors may bring and use their own wheelchairs.

    • The MTC is not equipped to provide wheelchairs.

Can visitors bring packages for missionaries or arrange visits?

    • No. Please do not arrange visits with missionaries.

    • Please do not bring packages for missionaries. Packages and letters for missionaries must be sent through the United States Postal Service, UPS, or other commercial carrier. Approved same-day delivery services are available in cities close to the MTC. The MTC cannot accept packages or letters delivered in any other way.

Can visitors take photographs while on the tour?

  • Visitors may take photographs of MTC locations but are asked to avoid taking pictures of missionaries.

Who do I contact with additional questions?

What should I expect in the case of inclement weather?

  • The MTC will not cancel any tours due to weather, but if your group decides they no longer want to attend due to poor weather, you may cancel your tour at any time, and sign up again in the future. Please check the weather ahead of time and dress appropriately. The MTC in unable to provide umbrellas for all tour guests so you may choose to bring some for your group in case of rain. There will be a lot of walking on uncovered paths throughout the tour, so plan accordingly.