Online MTC Training

Frequently Asked Questions

General Topics

Does online MTC training apply to me?

Most missionaries assigned to the Provo MTC have one week of online training before coming on-site. A few missionaries will have their full MTC experience on-site because of their specific assignment. See the MTC Experience section of Missionary Portal for details.

If government requirements or missionary health concerns require changes to where you train, you will be notified.

What can I expect in my online training experience?  

You can expect to have 5–6 hours of online training per day. You can also expect to spend another 3 - 4 hours in personal study, online companion study, and other activities assigned by your MTC teachers throughout the day. You should expect to be anxiously engaged in study, practice, and preparation.

See the Preparing for Online Training section of our website for more information.

What will my online MTC schedule be like?

Typically, you will have two classes each day that are approximately 2.5 –3 hours long and are led by an MTC teacher. Outside of class you will follow a missionary schedule consisting of waking up and going to bed early, prayer, exercise, personal and companion study, practice teaching, and, if applicable, language study.

You will view an online missionary devotional, participate in district meetings, serve others, attend online workshops, attend the temple (where available), and participate in Come, Follow Me study.

Will I have teachers, a companion, and a district?

Yes, you will be assigned classroom teachers, an online companion, and a district.

Am I expected to make monthly missionary support contributions during my online MTC training?

You will be expected to begin making monthly contributions when you enter an MTC.

Can I meet up with others participating in online training (for example: my online companion, members of my district, or my teacher)?

Missionaries living in close proximity to their companion may meet for missionary related activities, but visits should not include overnight stays.

Beginning Online MTC

Should I be set apart and endowed before I begin my online MTC training?


If there is no feasible way to be endowed before traveling to the MTC, you will have the opportunity to receive your endowment while at the MTC.

How will I know when to start and where to meet?

The online training experience will begin on the date noted in your call letter. Several days before your scheduled report date, you will receive direct communication from teaching staff at the MTC by email. If you have not been contacted by 5 PM (Utah time) on the Friday before your training starts, please email or call 801-422-6977. Missionaries should not expect contact from their teachers more than one week in advance.

How will my nametag and study materials be sent to me?

Your missionary nametag and ministerial certificate will be shipped to the address listed in your missionary application. These will arrive just before the start of your training.

Study materials for the online portion of training are available online. Any additional study materials needed for the on-site training period are provided upon arrival at the MTC.

What should I do if I need to change my address? 

Your materials will be shipped to the address listed in your missionary application. If your address has changed, please email or call 801-422-6977.

What if I have trouble connecting to class?

Ask your assigned teachers for help, or start an online chat with the MTC Virtual Help Desk (link given in your district's Google Calendar or Canvas course).

What if I have other questions about my online MTC training experience? 

If your questions are not addressed in the Preparing for Online Training section of this website, please email or call 801-422-6977.

Missionary Standards During the Online Experience

Will I be expected to abide by missionary standards while in online training?

Once set apart, you are considered a full-time missionary. As a full-time missionary, you should give your full efforts and focus to your preparation. You are expected to follow all missionary standards—this includes following the approved schedule and dress and appearance standards found in Missionary Standards for Disciples of Jesus Christ (see sections 2.4 “Daily Schedule” and 4.9 “Dress and Grooming”). While in online training, you will serve under the priesthood stewardship of your stake president. He can help answer specific questions.

How can I adjust rules and expectations when I’m at home?

Once set apart, you are a full-time missionary and should apply all missionary standards. Attention to these standards will help you qualify for the influence of the Spirit and will help you learn and prepare for life in the mission field. Your stake president is your priesthood leader during this time. Counsel with him if you have specific questions.

Do I always need to have a companion?

Yes. Having a companion will help keep you safe spiritually and physically. You will have a remote companion assigned with whom you will study, prepare, and practice. During scheduled online training activities, you are not required to have a family member in the room or even in the home with you. However, whenever you leave home, you should always have a companion—most often a family member.

Can I participate with my family in family activities and vacations?

Once set apart, you should focus on your missionary preparations. On Sundays, preparation days, and outside of scheduled missionary training activities, look for opportunities to share what you are learning with your family, leaders, or trusted friends. You might practice teaching them, study with them, and share principles that you are learning from the scriptures and Preach My Gospel. You are encouraged to join appropriate family activities on preparation days and Sundays.

Missionary Standards for Disciples of Jesus Christ will help you answer specific questions:  

·       Section 2.5 “Preparation Day”

·       Section 3.5 “Interactions with Others”

·       Section 3.6.1 “General Recreation Standards”

·       Section 3.6.2 “Unauthorized Activities”

·       Section 3.6.3 “Media”

If I have a family situation, can I get permission to miss class?

Once set apart, you are a full-time missionary. Your full efforts should be devoted to your mission preparation. In extreme circumstances, you may need to miss class. Coordinate approval with your local leaders, and notify your MTC teachers of any upcoming absence. These exceptions should be very rare.

Can I involve my family and friends in my online MTC training? 

You will have many opportunities to share what you are learning and feeling with those closest to you. Those individuals can help you in your teaching practice outside of class as much as circumstances allow. You should share with your family what you are learning. There will be opportunities (as the Spirit directs) to appropriately share the gospel message with your family, friends, and neighbors.

Can I be alone with children?

Once set apart, you are a full-time missionary and should follow missionary standards to the best of your ability. With the exception of younger siblings, you should not be alone with children. Discuss any exceptions with your local leaders.

What should I be doing during unstructured time on Sundays?

You should participate in meaningful Sabbath activities with your family and others. Look for opportunities to practice what you are learning, minister to others, and in other ways fulfill your missionary purpose.

Do I need to seclude myself from family and friends during online training?

If possible, find a place for your online classes and personal study that can be quiet, private, and uninterrupted. If your home environment is unsuitable, your stake president may be able to help. Between scheduled classes, look for opportunities to share what you are learning with your family.

What kind of media and device usage is appropriate during my training?


This is a good time to begin learning to separate yourself from the world, including media that is not missionary-appropriate. This generally means avoiding social media, mobile apps, and online media unless you are using approved apps to teach the gospel and complete assignments. You should avoid audiobooks, music, and reading material that does not meet missionary standards (see Missionary Standards for Disciples of Jesus Christ section 3.6.3). You should also avoid television, movies, video games, and unauthorized videos.

Social Media

You may use all appropriate social media apps that help you complete training assignments and accomplish your missionary purpose. The Spirit will help you decide which are appropriate and what changes you should make to protect your sacred calling as a missionary (such as unfollowing some friends, removing inappropriate photos, and so forth).

Personal Device

You may use your personal phone during your online training. You should ensure that your phone is clear of any apps or content that would distract from your missionary purpose.

Can I continue working when I am not in class?

Once set apart, you are a full-time missionary. Your full efforts should be devoted to preparing for your mission.

Am I required to be on-time to class?

Yes. You should be on time for all meetings and classes. This is a courtesy and skill that will bless you throughout your mission and your life.

What if my companion won’t study with me?

Seek the Lord’s help first, then reach out to your MTC teachers who can help you in difficult situations. 

Individual Situation Questions

What if I don’t have access to a computer or internet connection, or if my home environment isn’t conducive to participating in a virtual MTC?

If home circumstances do not allow for an effective experience, your stake president will work with you to consider where and how you can have the best possible experience. This may include using Church facilities or other locations where you can access technology, learn effectively, and be directed by the Spirit. Recommended hardware includes a computer, webcam, and headset.

What if I feel that I need emotional support?

Start by talking with your parents, a priesthood leader, or a local professional. There is also a team of experienced professionals who may be able to help on a case-by-case basis (find more information here). 

Whom do I contact if I need to postpone my mission? 

Contact your stake president. 

After Online MTC Training

How will I get to the MTC?

Please see the Coming On-Site section of this website.

If you requested travel arrangements through Missionary Portal, your travel details will be emailed to your email address by Missionary Travel about two weeks before your departure to the MTC.

How will I get to my assigned mission?

Most missionaries will travel to their assigned mission from the MTC. Those missionaries can find out more about travel plans from the MTC and from the information sent to their email addresses by Missionary Travel.

In rare circumstances, a missionary may complete the full MTC experience online. If that applies to you, look for details about your travel itinerary and other logistics in your email approximately two weeks before your travel date. Please read this information closely before contacting missionary travel with questions.

For those who need a visa to travel, visa instructions will be emailed to you at the appropriate time to begin processing your visa. 


Once you have received and read your travel instructions, if you have questions about:

If you have not received your itinerary roughly two weeks before your travel date or if you have other urgent issues, please contact your stake president, who can speak with Missionary Travel directly.