On-Site Training

Frequently Asked Questions


How will I get to the MTC?

Unless you request travel arrangements through the Missionary Travel section of Missionary Portal, Missionary Travel will assume you are making your own arrangements to get to the Provo MTC.

How should I arrange air travel to the MTC?

Booking Your Flight

Please refer to your call packet or the Missionary Portal.

For further information or assistance, please contact Church Travel directly at 1-800-537-3537.

Luggage Requirements

Traveling From the Airport

When should I arrive at the MTC?

If you will be traveling from outside the United States, plan to arrive at the MTC on the Tuesday before your on-site training date.

If you will be traveling from the US or Canada, plan to arrive on the Wednesday mentioned above. To accommodate large numbers of arriving missionaries and to allow missionary districts to arrive together, Wednesday arrivals are scheduled by district. Assigned arrival times generally fall between 1:00pm and 2:00pm (Utah time). Please confirm your district's specific arrival time on the MTC Arrival Times website. These times are posted one to two weeks before your on-site arrival date. Plan to arrive during your district's arrival time. Do not plan to arrive earlier or later than your assigned arrival time.

If your travel situation requires you to arrive outside your scheduled time, please contact the MTC Scheduling Office at 801-422-8143.

What preparations are necessary before entering the MTC?

Detailed preparation instructions and guidelines can be found in your call packet. They are also accessible on the Missionary Portal.

For example:

If you are ill on the day of your arrival, please call the MTC at 801-422-2602 for instructions.

We encourage (but do not require) you to participate in Pre-MTC Training. Click here for more information.

What should I bring to the MTC?

Bring the following when you come to the MTC:

We strongly encourage you to put your name on all clothing, luggage, and other belongings.

Please also note the following:

What supplies and services does the MTC provide?

The MTC provides for missionaries:

There is an MTC Store available to currently in-residence missionaries. It carries a small selection of book bags and foreign electrical adapters at a wide range of prices. Items change frequently and discounts vary. 

You must provide your own spending money for miscellaneous expenses (you will receive a small weekly stipend to help with these purchases):

It is recommended that missionaries have a personal debit or credit card for emergency use, travel, or personal items not covered in their weekly MTC stipend. Check cashing is available at the MTC for US currency only up to $100 USD a day. The MTC does have an automatic teller machine (ATM). Large amounts of cash are discouraged.

Can I bring my musical instrument to the MTC?

Please do not bring musical instruments to your mission unless you have permission from your mission president and the instrument is appropriate for Sunday meetings.  If you are approved to bring an instrument, please do not play it while at the MTC, including in the residence halls.  The MTC has practice rooms with pianos available.  You may check out music, violins, violas, cellos, and flutes at the music library. 

What time should I keep open to meet the Provo MTC President on my first Sunday of online training?

The one hour "Come and See" Welcome Devotional will start at 5:30 p.m. Utah time. Please invite any family members in your home to reserve this time, too, so they can participate with you. 

What if I am fluent in or speak some of my mission language?

If you are already fluent or speak some of the second language to which you have been assigned and you have not spoken to someone at the MTC, please call 801-422-2602 and ask for the Training Department receptionist.

Why do I keep receiving emails about my immunizations?

Automatic notification emails are sent when immunizations are not shown as complete in the Missionary Portal. Please record when your immunizations have been completed before arriving at the MTC.

Can I be set apart at the MTC?

Your setting apart as a missionary is under the direction of your stake president, or in the cases of districts, the mission president (Handbook 1, 4.3.8). It is intended that you are set apart by your stake president before you arrive at the MTC.

In the unusual circumstance that it is not possible to be set apart before arriving at the MTC, your stake president may call the MTC at 801-422-2602 (Monday-Friday, 8:00am-5:00pm Utah time) to determine if it would be appropriate to arrange for you to be set apart by a member of the MTC Presidency. Missionaries or their families cannot make this request.

May I have visitors at the MTC?

Your schedule will not allow time for visits from family or friends.

When will I receive travel plans to my assigned mission?

Church Travel will handle arrangements for your travel to your mission. We strongly recommend you follow all travel instructions found in your call packet. They are also accessible on the Missionary Portal.

You will receive your itinerary for travel to your mission and related instructions on or before your last preparation day.

Your departure may be delayed because visas to certain countries are difficult to obtain.

You will pay for your luggage when going to the mission. Please keep your receipt so you can be reimbursed when you arrive. Each airline determines the fees charged for luggage. International flights cost approximately $100 USD; domestic flights cost approximately $60 USD. Itineraries with multiple airlines may cost more.

My training goes over Christmas and is a week longer than I expected. Why is that?

Missionaries training over the Christmas holiday may have an extra week of training due to a “blackout” week for travel where no missionaries travel to or from the Provo MTC. To allow the missionaries to complete their training and arrive in their assigned missions on the normal transfer date for that mission, some missionaries will begin their training a week earlier than usual and have an extra week of training at the MTC. 

Information for Family and Friends

How can I communicate with my missionary (phone calls, mail, packages, etc.)?

Missionaries may communicate with their families on their weekly preparation day, other special occasions, and at times as a part of a training experience. See Communicating with Missionaries at the MTC and this Church Newsroom article for more information.

Missionaries may also communicate with family from the airport when traveling to their mission. The MTC Store sells an inexpensive phone card which missionaries may purchase if they desire.

Please do not request visits. Such visits would distract your missionary and his/her companion from their training. This includes arranging visits at or near the Provo Utah Temple, the MTC, or any neighboring facilities. Church leaders have asked that missionaries not be excused from the MTC to attend funerals, marriages, farewells, baptisms, or other family activities.

Any packages or letters for missionaries must be sent through the US Postal Service, UPS, or other commercial carriers. Approved same-day-delivery services are available in cities close to the MTC.

When is my missionary leaving the MTC?

A tentative departure date is included in your missionary's MTC mailing address.

Missionaries are notified of specific travel plans from the MTC to their assigned mission on or before their last preparation day. They are encouraged to forward this information to their family. Only your missionary may share this information with you.

Church leaders and security offices request that missionaries not have visitors at the airport or MTC when departing for their missions.