Communicating with Missionaries at the MTC

Communications with Family and Friends

Missionaries may read any communication they receive during the week whenever they have appropriate time to do so.  They should reply to communication only on their preparation day unless it is a special occasion or an emergency as described in Missionary Standards section 3.9.

Missionaries may communicate to family on their weekly preparation day via letters, emails, online messaging and audio/video chats.  Preparation day ends at 6:00 pm.

Online messaging and audio/video chats with others outside of family are not approved except when companions together are arranging an appointment, or teaching a lesson. Connecting with others online for missionary purposes must be done as companions.

When online, missionary companions should be situated so they can see each other’s screen.

Missionary Mail/Deliveries

Missionaries receive an email showing their full MTC mailing address several days before they travel to the MTC.  Family and friends can obtain the mailing address directly from the missionary. MTC staff are not authorized to release missionary mailing addresses. 

Letters or packages to missionaries should come through US Mail or other commercial delivery services such as UPS, Fed Ex and Amazon. Please note that:

Same-Day Delivery Services

General Mail & Packages

BYU Mail Services  (Provo) 801 422-3658

PostMart (Provo) 801-373-5900

PostalAnnex  (Spanish Fork) 801-798-5456

No perishable food items will be accepted, including ANY fast foods or things requiring refrigeration. Temperature and timing are not controlled sufficiently to provide reasonable assurance of food safety by the time the missionary receives it.


Art City Pharmacy                  801-489-5618

Maple Mountain Pharmacy        801-515-6048

Other Specialty Delivery Services

Provo Bakery 801-375-8330

Shirley’s Bakery 801-375-8020

Crumbl Cookies 801-823-1544

Milk & Cookies (Bakery cookies)

Nothing Bundt Cakes 385-265-2067

Great Harvest Bread 801-373-9816 (Krispy Kreme, Cinnabon, other gift boxes)

Family/Friend Visits

Family and friends should not attempt to visit missionaries at the MTC, during Temple visits, or at other places near the MTC.

Airport/Train Visits

Family and friends should not visit missionaries as they leave the MTC, including on the bus, train or at the airport.