Arrival Information

On-site arrival times become available during your Online MTC experience and are updated weekly.

Location: The Provo Missionary Training center is located at 2005 North 900 East, Provo, Utah 84602-1793. (This address is different from your MTC mailing address.)

  • If you are driving to Provo from the north, take I-15 exit 269.

  • If you are driving to Provo from the south, take I-15 exit 263.

  • If you need assistance, please call 801-422-2602.

Arrival times: Arrival times generally fall between 1:00 and 2:00 PM local time. More specific arrival times will be available HERE a week before on-site arrival. It is very important that you come at your scheduled time.

        • If you must fly in earlier in order to make your arrival time, you may arrive the day before.

        • Missionaries assigned to arrive on Tuesday should arrive no later than Tuesday evening.

        • If you will be traveling to the MTC by shuttle from the airport, please come immediately after your flight. Do not wait until your scheduled arrival time.

        • If you will be late, please call 801-422-2602.

Vehicle Allowance: Because of the large number of new missionaries arriving in a short time on your scheduled arrival date, only one vehicle per missionary family will be able to enter the MTC grounds to drop you off.

        • The vehicle you arrive in should contain yourself, your luggage, and a few members of your immediate family. (Other family members and friends will not be able to drive in or walk on to the MTC campus.)

        • Please have your farewell activities with family and friends prior to your arrival at the MTC. Please keep farewells short so that we can accommodate all new missionaries arriving at the MTC.

        • Tall vehicles such as RVs cannot enter the drop-off area.