About the Provo MTC

The roots of the Provo Missionary Training Center (MTC) go back to the earliest years of this dispensation. Starting in 1832, the School of the Prophets was organized so elders could 'teach one another' the gospel and other subjects and 'be prepared in all things' in their missionary callings (D&C 88:77–80, 118).

Since that time, the Church has trained missionaries in several different locations, including

  • The Brigham Young Academy (1894)

  • The Ricks Academy (early 1900s)

  • The Latter-Day Saint University (1902)

  • The Salt Lake Mission Home (1924)

  • The Missionary Language Institute (1961)

  • The Language Training Mission (1962; located in Utah, Idaho, and Hawaii)

And finally, the Provo Missionary Training Center, which began serving missionaries in 1978.

The MTC’s campus has 21 buildings on a 39-acre site, with a capacity of housing and training 3,700 missionaries. Over 600,000 missionaries from nearly every country in the world have come to the MTC for training. The MTC trains missionaries for all of the Church’s missions and gives instruction in 55 languages.

Weather in Provo, Utah

Provo is dry, with annual precipitation around 16 inches. The summer months (June through August) are hot, with July temperatures generally in the low 90s (32 to 35 °C). The winter months (November through March) are cold, with January temperatures generally in the low 30s (-1 to 2 °C). The spring and fall months are mild, with temperatures generally in the high 50s (13 to 16 °C).