Resuming On-Site Training

Some Missionary Training Centers are now able to train vaccinated missionaries on-site. For the latest on who can train on-site, see the MTC Training Statuses list.

Most MTCs now conduct at least the first one to two weeks of training online. Learn more about online training below.

Preparing for Online Training

Whether you will be participating online for part or all of your MTC experience, use the resources below to learn what to expect and how to prepare:

At-home Missionary Training Experience

Online MTC Training: Frequently Asked Questions

Missionary Portal

Training On-site in Provo

COVID precautions:

  • Missionaries must have a COVID test no more than 48 hours before arriving at the MTC. Antigen, PCR, or other locally accepted tests, including home test kits are suitable for this need. If the result is negative, proceed to the MTC as planned. If the result is positive, please call the MTC's Information Desk for instructions immediately: (801) 422-2602.

  • Missionaries will be tested again several days following their arrival at the MTC.

  • Mask requirements may vary over time, but plan as though they are required in indoor spaces other than your residence room.

  • Missionaries arriving February 14th or later must receive a COVID-19 vaccine booster if boosters are approved and available where they live and if they meet local qualifications for a booster. Boosters must be received at least two weeks before arrival at the MTC.

  • Changes to COVID protocols are communicated to missionaries directly via email as soon as possible.

Other questions about when to arrive at the MTC or what to expect while here?

Coming On-Site

Resuming On-Site Training: Frequently Asked Questions