On-Site Training Update

The Provo MTC is now able to train both vaccinated and unvaccinated missionaries on-site.

MTCs adjust their on-site training options as situations change. For the latest on who can train on-site, see the MTC Training Statuses list.

Most MTCs now conduct at least the first one to two weeks of training online. Learn more about online training below.

Preparing for Online Training

Whether you will be participating online for part or all of your MTC experience, use the resources below to learn what to expect and how to prepare:

At-home Missionary Training Experience

Online MTC Training: Frequently Asked Questions

Missionary Portal

COVID-19 Protocols at the Provo MTC

The following points apply at the Provo MTC. Other MTCs are making adjustments to their COVID protocols as circumstances and local government restrictions allow.


    • We continue to encourage COVID-19 vaccination, but both vaccinated and unvaccinated missionaries are able to attend on-site training at the Provo MTC.

    • All missionaries should plan to complete their training on-site after their at-home experience.


    • A COVID test is not required prior to arriving at the MTC unless you have received testing instructions from Church Travel related to flying to the MTC.

    • If you have cold or flu-like symptoms within a few days prior to traveling to the MTC, please plan to receive a PCR COVID-19 test before traveling. If the test is positive, call 801-422-2602 for instructions. If the test is negative and you feel healthy enough to travel, come to the MTC as scheduled.


    • Missionaries determine for themselves whether to use a facemask in all settings at the Provo MTC based on their own individual circumstances. We encourage all to extend love and respect to others and their decisions.

Masks, testing, and vaccination requirements may still apply to travel or to activities in your assigned mission.

Other questions about when to arrive at the MTC or what to expect while here?

Coming On-Site

Communicating with Missionaries at the MTC

Resuming On-Site Training: Frequently Asked Questions